Camera-etc organizes workshops for children, teenagers and adults.

These activities allow the group to make an animated film in a collective way, by participating in each step: scenario, making characters, creating sets, shooting and recording of the soundtrack.

Coconut Tree Road (2015)

Holiday workshops

During school holidays, Camera-etc organizes workshops for children and teenagers in its studios. In a week, the group makes an animation film in a collective way, using one or more traditional animation techniques.

Coconut Tree Road (2015)

Weekly workshop for adults

This workshop is open to people wishing to try animation movies. In 20 sessions, from October to June, participants will experiment with one or more traditional animation techniques to create a collective animation short film, based on an existing scenario. An opportunity to combine pleasure, creativity, learning and artistic expression, in a spirit of encounter and discovery!

Piggy Bank (2019)

Coconut Tree Road (2015)

School projects

Awareness Tools
Our short films can serve as a starting point for discussion on different themes. Contact us for more information!

Making an animated film at school
The collective making of an animation film mobilizes many knowledge, skills and aptitudes. Camera-etc coordinates workshops in primary and secondary schools. In 8 to 10 days of work with the animators, the students (most often a class) make an animated film by discovering each step of the realization.

    • Introduction of the subject and introduction to animation cinema
    • Writing of the scenario and realization of the storyboard
    • Making characters and sets
    • Shooting – animation
    • Editing by the animators in the studios of Camera-etc
    • Sound: recording of voices, sound effects
    • Mixing by the animators in the studios of Camera-etc
    • Projection and evaluation

Coconut Tree Road (2015)


Camera-etc works in partnership with other associations in Belgium and abroad (non-profit organization, neighborhood center, duty school, NGO, CPAS, youth center …). During these collaborations, the participants gathered by the partner structure create a collective film on a defined theme, with the help of the animators of Camera-etc.

Coconut Tree Road (2015)

Pondering (2012)