Who are we ?

Camera-etc is :

  • Created in 1979, Camera-etc is an Animation studio from the Walloon-Brussels Community (french speaking part of Belgium). Camera-etc  produces first animation shorts as well as author works and organises a residency for project development

  • As an Expression & Creativity Centre, Camera-etc organize holiday  workshops for children & teenagers, weekly workshop for adults, and school projects. During these activities, the participants create an animation short with the help of professionals.

  • Camera-etc is also a professional studio that makes commissioned works : didactic movies, general interest messages, documentaries, teasers, animation for plays, music videos…

Medusa (2022)

Adil (2022)

Antoine’s Vardos (2015)

Simbiosis Carnal (2017)

Our audiences

Our missions

Camera-etc supports the creation of animation shorts in Belgium and aboard.

  • As a Production Workshop recognized by the Film and Audiovisual Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Camera-etc’s mission is to produce and co-produce audiovisual works from filmmakers residing in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The association mission is also to promote and distribute its movies. The activities of Camera-etc are conducted in a perspective of public awareness and enhancement of cultural heritage.

  • As a Centre for Expression and Creativity, Camera-etc supports the creation of cinematographic works by promoting learning by all and the diffusion for all of audiovisual language. To do this, the association makes available to the public the technical resources, the material and its advice when creating animated short films. Camera-etc pursues this objective by organizing holiday camps and workshops, school projects, international projects, and by the production and distribution of collective films.