Camera-etc presents
The bear from Indian village totem pole is sick of eating green soup every day. He decides to go on a journey to discover other foods... 

Les Chitoumous / Shitumu

Direction : 18 children from 7 to 12 years-old
Supervision : Louise-Marie Colon & Siona Vidakovic
Assistants : Dominique Van Hecke, Marie Royer, Marie-Lucie Parisot & Alexis Vandersmissen
Editing: Louise-Marie Colon
Music : Stéphane Kaufeler

Lenght: 14 minutes
Version : FR – EN
Producer : Jean-Muc Slock
Production : Camera-etc – 2017

Galerie photos

The filmmakers

This animation short has been realised by children during a 2 weeks holiday workshop in our studios.