Camera-etc presents
The Fox, the Turtle, the Spider and the Cake 
At night, a fox, a turtle, a spider and a cake want to cross a pond. The problem is that the fox’s boat is far too small to carry all these beautiful people… 

The Fox, the Turtle, the Spider and the Cake

This animated short is currently screened in festivals.

Direction : 10 children (6 to 9 years-old)
Supervision :  Dominique Van Hecke, Zoé Borbé
Assistants : Théo Marchal, Yseult Vande Weerdt
Technique : cut-out, cyanotype
Editing : Zoé Borbé, Dominique Van Hecke
Version : FR-EN
Producer : Bastien Martin
Production : Camera-etc – 2021

Galerie photos

The filmmakers

During the spring holidays, 10 children have made this animated short, with the help of our animators. The characters have been cut out yellow paper and the background are beautiful cyanotypes.