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A music video by Medard for Éosine


Official video for Ciarán, the new single by the belgian shoegaze / dreampop band Eosine

Written, composed and arranged by Elena Lacroix
Recorded at Tripping Studio by Elena Lacroix (Guitars, backing vocals, synths, bass) and at Wood Studio by Maxime Wathieu (drums, lead vocals, piano)
Mixed by Maxime Wathieu and Mark Gardener
Mastered at Ox4studio by Mark Gardener
Elena Lacroix : Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, piano, synths
Brieuc Verstraete : Bass guitar, backing vocals
Julia Billen : Backing vocals
Benjamin Franssen : Drums
Renaud Verstraete : Backing vocals, guitar
Maximiliaan de Hoogd : Guitar

Music video credits :
Music video by camera-etc
Directed by Simon Medard
Shot by Simon Medard and Elena Lacroix
Animation, compositing and editing by Simon Medard
Produced by Bastien Martin – Camera-etc
Artwork by Simon Medard (Camera-etc) with Pascal Lacroix and Elena Lacroix
All right reserved

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Self-taught and multidisciplinary, graduated in Art & Communication (Léon-Eli Troclet High School), Simon Medard joined the team of Camera-etc in 2010 (coordination of collective productions, editing, compositing, sound recording, creation of original soundtracks).


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