A MiCROFiLM by Armel Saint Loup
That's Chewing!
Gum is a sticky candy and an exceptional jazzman. Full of emotions, his heart melts very quickly. A Hymn to Love and... to chewing.

Ça Chewing! / That’s Chewing!

Direction : Armel Saint Loup
Camera-etc referent : Delphine Hermans
Trainees : Lucie Allu, Kelvin Janssen
Voice : Saskia Simon
Music: Jean Saint Loubert Bié
Sound design : David Nelissen
Duration :
 3 minutes
Technique : 2D drawing, ink and pencil
Producer : Bastien Martin
Production : Camera-etc –  MiCROFiLM call for projects – 2022

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The director

It is a deep desire to tell stories that led Armel to comics and animation. In 2020, he won the Laureate Prize and the Scenario Prize of the Chalonnes sur Loire comic strip competition. In 2021, he graduated and was the favorite of the jury of the École Pivaut in Nantes. That’s Chewing! is his first personal film outside of studies, produced as part of the MiCROFiLM call for projects in Camera-etc studios. Armel’s universe is characterized by a mixture of humor, sadness and madness, always in strong relation with the music.