Camera-etc present
Tchouang Tseu
Music video by Mathieu Labaye for Manu LOUIS

Tchouang Tseu was at the kermesse of Mr Ha

Direction : Mathieu Labaye
Animation : Mathieu Labaye, Delphine Hermans, Frédéric Hainaut, Louise-Marie Colon, Camille Fabry, Andrea Soler
Music: Manu Louis “Tchouang Tseu (was at the Kermesse of M. Ha)”
Editing: Mathieu Labaye
Producer : Jean-Luc Slock – Camera-etc, Manu Louis
© Camera-etc, New Pangea – 2015

Galerie photos

    • Fuoricampo FilmFest 2018 (Italy)
    • Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017 (Greece)
    • Northwest Animation Festival 2017 (USA)
    • Video Festival Imperia 2017 (Italy)
    • GLAS Animation Festival 2017 (USA)
    • SeeYouSound – International Music Film Festival 2017 (Italy)
    • Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival 2016 (Lithuania)
    • VIDEOFEST – Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo 2016 (Mexico)
    • Anim’est 2016 (Romania)
    • BANG AWARDS 2016 (Portugal)
    • Anibar International Animation Festival 2016 (Kosovo)
    • Supertoon International Animation Festival 2016 (Croatia)
    • Anifilm – International Festival of Animated Films 2016 (Czech Republic)
    • International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2016 (Germany)
    • FICAM – Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation de Meknès 2016 (Morocco)

The director

Mathieu Labaye joined the animation team of Camera-etc in 2002 (production of animated films in collective workshops, editing and compositing, sound recording, creation of original music). Before that, he studied Animation Cinema at the National School of Visual Arts in La Cambre and Illustration / Comic strip at the Institut Supérieur St-Luc in Liège.

Collaboration : animation for Anca Damian, Marona and The Island
Music Videos : Manu Louis – PrésidentTchouang Tseu (was at the Kermesse of Mr Ha), JF Foliez – Lagune with Hannah Letaïf
Art films: Le Labyrinthe, Orgesticulanismus