By Valène De Valck
Of Words and Waves
Leon Cachalot is a singular guy: he literally eats books every day, page by page, to connect to another universe of poetry, colours and peace, far from the harsh and sad reality. His daily routine is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of a new neighbour who discovers his strange passion...

Of Words and Waves

This film is currently in development.

During her Residency in our studio, Valène De Valck worked on her project with the help of our team. Les mots de l’Homme Cachalot / Of Words and Waves is selected at CEE Rise & Shine and will benefit from development support at the Animafest Zagreb festival (June 2024) and at Animateka in Slovénia (December 2024)!

Direction : Valène De Valck
Technique :
2D animation
: Camera-etc

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Belgian director and photographer, Valène De Valck has produced several personal and television documentaries, as well as clips and fiction. Passionate about literature, she is also a screenwriter. Of Words and Waves is his first animated short film.