Camera-etc presents
No Future
A music video by Anaïse Lafontaine

No Future

Direction : Anaïse LAFONTAINE
Music : Ode to Space Hassle
With the help of Delphine HERMANS & Louise-Marie COLON
Animation : Louise-Marie COLON, Delphine Hermans,Simon MEDARD, Frédéric HAINAUT &  Anaïse LAFONTAINE
Technique : drawings
Trainees : Andreï Kravchenko & Etienne PERROT
Edition :
David Nelissen & Anaïse LAFONTAINE
Lenght :
5 minutes 33
Production : Camera-etc – MiCROFiLM 2020

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The director

Anaïse Lafontaine is a Belgian designer-director. After studying illustration at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège, she completed a master’s degree in Performing Arts at ULiège.  Passionate about animation, she participates in the weekly Camera-etc adult workshop and in the making of the film Piggy Bank. Following these experiences, she applied at MiCROFiLM call for projects, in order to make an animated clip for the psyche rock group Ode to Space Hassle. No Future is her first personal animated film.