Emilie Chedid presents
Grandes Oreilles / Big Ears
A music video animated in our studios

Grandes Oreilles / Big Ears

Direction: Emilie Chedid
Animation : Louise-Marie Colon & Delphine Hermans
Trainees : Céleste Ledu, Constance Lombard, Adèle Mariette
Storyboard : Zoé Borbé
Technique :  2D drawing
Song & music : -M- Matthieu Chedid
Editing : David Nelissen
Sound editing :
 David Nelissen, John Krischer
Production :
Bastien Martin – Camera-etc – 2021
Lenght :
2 minutes 49

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This song is taken from the book-disc “Grandes Oreilles, Tout Oreilles”: a tale written by Andrée Chedid, illustrated by Emilie Chedid, told by Louis Chedid and set to music by Matthieu Chedid, alias -M-.

In order to promote the release of the book-disc, Emilie Chedid wanted to give life to her illustrations with our animators : Zoé Borbé on the storyboard, Louise-Marie Colon and Delphine Hermans on the animation, and David Nelissen on the image and sound editing. The result is a superb cartoon clip, widely distributed on the internet, on social networks and in the media.