Camera-etc present
A music video directed by Mathieu Labaye & Hannah Letaïf for Jean-François Foliez


Direction: Mathieu Labaye, Hannah Letaïf
Animation : Mathieu Labaye, Hannah Letaïf
Music : JF Foliez’s Playground
Editing : Mathieu Labaye
Producer : Jean-Luc Slock, Jean-François Folliez
© Camera-etc, JF Foliez’s Playground 2017

Galerie photos

    • TIAF – Tehran International Animation Festival 2021 (Iran) 
    • Cartoon Club – International Film Festival of animation Cinema and Comics 2019 (Italy) 
    • MEDIAWAVE – International Film and Music Gathering 2019 (Hungary) 
    • Offscreen Liège – Shortscreen 2019 (Belgium) 
    • TIAF – Tehran International Animation Festival 2019 (Iran) 
    • FINCORTEX – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales 2018 (Colombia) 
    • Chihuahua International Film Festival 2018 (Mexico) 
    • Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo Videofest 2018 (Mexico) 
    • OIAF – Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018 (Canada) 
    • SUPERTOON – International Animation Festival 2018 (Croatia) 
    • Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2018 (Russia) 
    • Sardinia Film Festival 2018 (Italy) 
    • Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film 2018 (Croatia) 
    • Fuoricampo FilmFest 2018 (Italy) 
    • ANIMAC – Monstra Internacional de Cinema d’Animacio de Catalunya/Lleida 2018 (Spain) 
    • AninetFest 2018 (Czech Republic) 
    • Anima 2018 (Belgium) 
    • Même pas peur 2018 (France) 
    • VideoBabel 2017 (Peru) 
    • Animasivo 2017 (Mexico) 
    • Animage 2017 (Brazil) 
    • Festival Internacional del Cortometraje FIC 2017 (Argentina) 
    • Anim’est – Bucharest International Animation Film Festival 2017 (Romania) 
    • Visualízame Audiovisual & Mujer 2017 (Spain) 
    • KINOFEST – International Digital Film Festival 2017 (Romania) 
    • CyBorg Film Festival 2017 (Italy) 
    • SICAF – Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2017 (Korea) 
    • Constantine’s Gold Coin 2017 (Serbia) 
    • Anima Mundi 2017 (Brazil) 
    • The Unprecedented Cinema 2017 (Estonia

The directors

Born in 1987, Hannah Letaïf has joined the “Haute Ecole d’Art de “La Cambre”, the High School of Art in Brussels. Fascinated by the issues surrounding the perception of time, movement and memory, she explores this dimension in her work while questioning herself about Art, Cinema and the viewer’s gaze: her perception. His different prisms of direction, always determined by the subjects discussed, make his work eclectic. The influences of Hannah Letaïf are not limited to Cinema, Arts, but also to philosophy, social sciences and its origins, its travels. Being everywhere makes it hard to stop somewhere.

Mathieu Labaye joined the animation team of Camera-etc in 2002 (production of animated films in collective workshops, editing and compositing, sound recording, creation of original music). Before that, he studied Animation Cinema at the National School of Visual Arts in La Cambre and Illustration / Comic strip at the Institut Supérieur St-Luc in Liège.

Collaboration : animation for Anca Damian, Marona and The Island
Music Videos : Manu Louis – PrésidentTchouang Tseu (was at the Kermesse of Mr Ha), JF Foliez – Lagune with Hannah Letaïf
Art films: Le Labyrinthe, Orgesticulanismus