A film by Louise Bongartz
In Thousand Petals
A young married woman collects the sweet memories of her romance. On closer inspection, she leaves bits of herself behind...

En mille pétales / In Thousand Petals

En mille pétales (In Thousand Petals in English) is the story of a woman and her thoughts about her dangerous relationship with someone, at the border of love and horror. The film is in stop-motion and will be made only in wood and paper, with no dialogues except a bittersweet ritornello.

Direction : Louise Bongartz
Voice :
Ninùccia Berthet
Animation :
Louise Bongartz, Francisco Martins Fontes, Siona Vidakovic
Edition : Marika Piedboeuf
Music : Quentin Lachapèle
Technique : stop-motion animation, puppets made of wood and paper
: Camera-etc
Coproduction : Ozù Productions
Duration : 10 minutes 06

With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Province of Liège, RTBF & Tax Shelter

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Born in 1994 in Belgium, Louise graduated in illustration (St-Luc in Liège) then in animation (ENSAV La cambre in Brussels). After that, she studied at BAU Design College of Barcelona where she directed her first short as a director, HEXED, which is travelling around the world in festivals. En Mille Pétales is her first professionnal short.