A music video by Alexia Creusen
Following the colorful pop vibrations of the song «Anouma», this film is an experimental journey, a walk through abstract and contrasting paintings. 


Direction : Alexia Creusen
Music : Lemon Felixe
Help  : Simon MEDARD
Editing : Alexia Creusen, Simon MEDARD
Technique : mixte
Lenght : 4 minutes 30
Executive producers : Jean-Luc Slock et Bastien Martin
Production : Camera-etc – MiCROFiLM 2021

Galerie photos

The director

Visual artist and teacher at ESA St-Luc de Liège, Alexia Creusen works in installation, textile sculpture, drawing, printed image and ceramics. Through the MiCROFiLM call for projects, she explored the animated image in its abstract and experimental possibilities to make a first musical animation film.