By Isabel Loyer & Meriç Atalar
In his small apartment, Arthur the turtle is bored and dreams of a wonderful fish. When suddenly, the dream unfolds, invading Arthur's thoughts and the reality that surrounds him...


Direction: Meriç Atalar & Isabel Loyer
Project monitoring: Bastien Martin, Siona Vidakovic
Animation, edition & compositing: Isabel Loyer, Simon Medard
Trainees: Alba Zaragoza, Zoé Bauters
Sound & music: Benoît Déchaut
Production: Camera-etc
Timing: 3 minutes 46
Call for projects MiCROFiLM

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The director

Isabel Loyer is a graphic designer and animator. She studied cinema at Paris8 University. She also has a master’s degree in stop-motion animation from the BAU design school in Barcelona. In 2021 she works for the stop-motion studio Inspiranimation in Valencia and gives numerous workshops for children. His short film Tamgu was notably presented at the Annecy Animation Festival and at Animafest. In 2021, she responded to the MiCROFiLM call with a stop motion project, Arthur.